Securing Funding to Forge Commercial Partnerships in the Indian Market

The Japanese Manufacturer Aims for a 90% Reduction in CO2 Emissions by 2050

Through its 2050 environmental plan, the Yamaha Motor Group has set the goal of reducing its CO2 emissions in terms of production, distribution, and use by 90% compared to 2010 values.

And it is in pursuit of this objective that Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., the parent company based in Japan, has just announced an investment in World of River Limited, Inc., a startup specialized in the production and sale of electric scooters in India under the trade name River. The investment was made as part of a second round of fundraising conducted by the company and aims to enable Yamaha to establish new commercial partnerships to meet its CO2 emission reduction targets.

Based in Bangalore with its commercial entity River Mobility Private Limited, the Indian manufacturer, founded in 2021, has developed the Indie, an urban scooter with a modern and modular design featuring a large tunk, spacious glove box, as well as supports for luggage and top case, or the option to transform the flat floor into storage space.

With LED lighting, 14-inch alloy wheels, hydraulic suspensions, integrated frame protections… the River Indie also offers performances adapted to urban environments with a maximum speed of 90 km/h and a range of up to 120 km. It is sold in India for approximately $ 1700.

For more information on River:

Website: www.rideriver.com

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