E-Moto Adventure Festival

France’s First E-Adventure Festival Electrifies Morvan (September 20-22)

Embrace the Thrill of Sustainable Exploration

Calling all nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers! France is set to ignite the Morvan region with the inaugural E-Adventure Festival this September (20th-22nd). This groundbreaking event invites you to experience the future of exploration firsthand with the latest electric motorcycles, bicycles, 4x4s, and more.

Settons lake – Photo credit: Wikimedia

Venture into a Natural Paradise:

  • Navigate scenic routes: Discover the beauty of Morvan with curated road-books tailored to your vehicle, whether you prefer on-road adventures or off-road thrills.
  • Test ride the future: Get behind the handlebars of the latest electric motorcycles from leading manufacturers and experience the exhilarating power and performance of e-bikes.
  • Expand your horizons: Explore a diverse range of electric vehicles, from cutting-edge e-bikes to retro-fitted classics, and discover the potential of sustainable exploration.

Immerse in a Vibrant Community:

  • Learn from experts: Attend workshops, demonstrations, and talks led by industry professionals and passionate adventurers.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals: Join a community of eco-conscious enthusiasts who share your love for adventure and sustainable practices.
  • Enjoy live entertainment: Rock out to a live concert, groove to a DJ set, and get inspired by stories from fellow travelers, entrepreneurs, and athletes.
Photo credit: frenchwanderers

Plan Your E-Adventure:

  • Mark your calendars: The E-Adventure Festival takes place from September 20th to 22nd at Activital – Base Sport et Nature des Settons Presqu’île des Branlasses in Montsauche-Les-Settons.
  • Secure your spot: Tickets are now available at the E-Adventure Festival website.
  • Explore accommodation: With its stunning natural beauty, Morvan offers a variety of accommodation options. Search for hotels, campsites, or rentals in the area surrounding Settons Lake).
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Don’t miss this electrifying opportunity to explore the Morvan region in a sustainable and exciting way!

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