Ensure that your Ad stands out and captures the attention of potential buyers

Capture high quality photos

Capture high-quality photos: Take clear, well-lit photos of your motorcycle from different angles. Highlight any unique features or modifications to attract potential buyers.


Write a compelling description: Craft a detailed description that includes the make, model, year, mileage, condition, and any additional accessories or upgrades. Be honest and transparent about the motorcycle’s history and any flaws it may have.


Set a competitive price: Research the market value of similar motorcycles to determine a fair and competitive price. Consider the condition, mileage, and any extras when setting the price. Being realistic will help attract potential buyers.


Utilize the right platform: Listing your motorcycle on Bi3bike.com is a must trusted and verified platform used only for motorcycles and accessories Ads.


Provide complete information: Include all relevant details about the motorcycle or good in your listings. This includes maintenance records, service history, and any warranty information. Buyers appreciate transparency and complete information.


Use whatsapp, emails or calls and respond promptly: Be responsive to inquiries and messages from potential buyers. Answer their questions promptly and provide additional information as needed. Being attentive and reliable builds trust and increases the likelihood of a successful sale.


Highlight maintenance and upgrades: If you have recently performed any significant maintenance or upgrades, be sure to mention them in your listing. This can increase the perceived value of your motorcycle and attract buyers who are looking for well-maintained vehicles.

Test ride

Offer a test ride if it’s safe: If possible, allow serious buyers to test ride the motorcycle. This can help build confidence in the buyer and give them a chance to experience the bike firsthand. Ensure you take appropriate safety measures during the test ride.


Negotiate effectively: Be open to negotiation but have a clear idea of your lowest acceptable price. Consider any reasonable offers and be willing to compromise if necessary. Clearly communicate your boundaries and finalize the terms of the sale in writing to avoid any misunderstandings.


Be cautious of scammers: Unfortunately, online marketplaces can attract scammers. Be vigilant and avoid sharing sensitive personal or financial information. Deal locally if possible, meet in a public place, and only accept secure payment methods like cash, transfer bank or verified online platforms.

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