New Electric Roadster Kawasaki Z e-1

A first urban motorcycle approved for 125

Synchronous motor, 12 hp and 40.5 Nm, 85 km/h, e-Boost function, 72 km range, 135 kg

A year ago, Kawasaki began to show concrete results towards its future production of electric motorcycles by briefly presenting its wattage Z roadster prototype at the Intermot show in Cologne then by giving a few snippets of information at the EICMA a few weeks later in Milan.

As autumn approaches, the Akashi manufacturer has finally lunveiled its Z e-1 electric roadster.

Still equipped with its centrally positioned electric motor seen on the prototype last year, the Z e-1 is indeed approved as a 125cc motorcycle. On the other hand, the performance level is very far from that of the conventional Z125 with an internal combustion engine.

Indeed, the synchronous motor is limited to 6.8 continuous horsepower (12 hp of maximum power) with a maximum announced speed of 85 km/h in Road mode and 62 km/h in Eco mode. Fairly accurate values ​​which make the Z e-1 an essentially, even exclusively, urban motorcycle.

Roadster Kawasaki Z e-1 – Photo credit: Kawasaki

However, Kawasaki has integrated an e-Boost function which allows you to obtain an extra power to reach up to 99 km/h. This function is limited to 15 seconds to prevent engine from overheating. The manufacturer has also integrated a Walk Mode function to help with maneuvers, including reverse. LED lighting and another TFT meter are also included.

The roadster is powered by two 50.4V and 30 Ah lithium ion batteries, weighing 11.5 kg each and offering a range of 72 km. Here as well, the Z is suited for urban escapades, especially since it takes a little less than 4 hours to fully recharge a battery.

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On the other hand, the Japanese brand has made great efforts to reduce the weight of its electric motorcycle as much as possible since it only weighs 135 kg in ready-to-ride condition. The cycle part revolves around a tubular trellis frame with a telescopic fork traveling 120 mm, a rear shock absorber adjustable in preload, 17-inch rims and disc brakes with an energy regeneration system. The overall design is compact, with a 1,370 mm wheelbase, a 785 mm high seat, and a length of just under 2 meters.

Electric Roadster Kawasaki Z e-1 – Photo credit: Kawasaki

One significant unknown remains: the price. If Kawasaki has not yet formalized the price of the Z e-1, there is no doubt that it will be decisive in the success of the roadster expected in the coming weeks.

Availability / Prices Colors:

  • green/gray Availability
  • End of 2023

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