Frequently Asked Questions


  • When posting your ad, describe your motorcycle clearly
  • Use phone call, chat or comments to communicate
  • Always meet during the day in a public place
  • If it’s high-priced transaction, do it at the bank


  • Read carefully the item description
  • Compare the price with local market prices
  • Before purchasing any products or digital services, agree with seller about goods or digital payment date
  • Always meet during the day in a public place
  • If it’s high-priced transaction, do it at the bank
  • Never share your personal or account bank information
  • You receive a suspicious call, emails or WhatsApp
  • You doubt about the authenticity of an account or ad
  • You receive aggressive pressure or intimidation
  • You receive scam alerts

In this cases do not share your real name and credit card information and contact our support Team via email, telephone or livechat.

To get online support related to your account or membership, please follow these general steps:

  • Look for available support options: Email, call or livechat

  • Fill out the form or compose an email explaining the issue or inquiry you have. Be as specific as possible and provide relevant details to help us understand and assist you better


  • Yes, is a cost-free platform offering users the option of subscribing to premium services for a nominal fee, thereby unlocking numerous benefits and advantages.
  • For more details check out our pricing & packages

Our primary objective is to establish a secure and trustworthy marketplace for both buyers and sellers. In order to combat fraudulent activities and prevent scams, we implement certain measures, one of which involves verifying the identity of users. This verification process entails reaching out to users to ensure their authenticity and maintain a safe environment for all participants.

To prevent receiving unwanted calls and notifications regarding the sold goods, it is necessary for the seller to remove the ad after completing the sale.