Essential motorcycle gear every rider should have

When do you really need this stuff? Well, actually not that often.

But you’ll thank yourself when an easy fix saves you a ton of time, money or hassle when you carry with you this essential motorcycle gear.

Gasket Sheets

Gasket sheet material provides the ability to create custom gaskets

  • Offers the ability to cut custom gaskets
  • Allows for a specific design to ensure a perfect fit and correct operation
  • Engineered and manufactured specifically for the repair environment
  • Unsurpassed quality you can trust
  • Four piece set gasket material
  • Great for unique gasket needs
Gasket Sealant

Gasket Sealant

For two and four cycle engines.

  • Solvent-based bond fully seals within 20 minutes
  • Forms a tough flexible bond that is highly effective on irregular and uneven joint surfaces
  • Resists gasoline and other damaging fluids

Torque Wrench Adapter

The Motion Pro Adjustable Torque Wrench Adapter lets you now use your torque wrench along with with a combination wrench or Allen wrench.

  • Will work with 6mm (1/4 in) through 19mm (3/4 in) combination wrenches
  • Will work with 6mm and 8mm Allen wrenches
  • Heat-treated steel with a black oxide finish
  • 3/8 square drive is rated for a maximum torque of 90 ft-lbs

Motion Pro T-Wrench

The Motion Pro T-Drive Mini Handle may become the first tool you reach for. Doing a job with several different bolts? Put a different size socket on each end and never have to put your tool down. 

  • Use T-handle drive to tighten/loosen fasteners and shaft drive for quick installation/removal of fasteners
  • Use with 1/4″ drive sockets, hex drives, crows foot, swivels, etc.
  • 1/4″ drive has a compact 6″ drive shaft length
  • Compact size for use in tight spaces and is easy to carry
  • Includes 8mm, 10 mm, 12mm and 13mm sockets
  • Chrome-vanadium tool steel shaft and T-Handle
  • Durable nickel-pewter finish

Motion Pro Rotor / Sprocket Holder

The Motion Pro Rotor and Sprocket Holder keeps flywheels, rotors and sprockets from rotating while removing or tightening them.

  • Holds sprockets and rotors with holes center to center at a minimum distance of 13mm and a maximum distance of 230mm
  • Adjustable stop-screw keeps tool open at set distance
  • Features 5 and 9mm pins

Motion Pro Mag Pro Pickup Tool

Bolt Search And Rescue (BSAR) is the search for and provision of aid to nuts, bolts and other miscellaneous ferrous hardware that are in distress or imminent danger.

  • Billet aluminum laser-etched handle
  • Bendable housing retains its shape to access hard to reach areas
  • Powerful magnet
  • Low profile tip fits in tight spaces

JIS Screwdriver

Impact Driven Screwdriver +3×150 (6″)

  • Slip-proof handle provides 26-Degree higher torque than standard screwdrivers when used with oil covered hands
  • Tang-Thru design incorporates a metal cap that prevents handle damage when striking with a hammer
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So choosing the best motorcycle repair tools is a daunting task and there can be a lot of factors to consider. Among all the motorcycle parts, only some are inbuilt by the manufacturer.Although most of them are not very costly, but it can be essential for you to have the basic set of tools for repair work on your bike.Since, you won’t even get loose screws off without taking help of a screwdriver.

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