Balenciaga Pantashoes Biker

Fashion houses are known for pushing the envelope, and Balenciaga is no stranger to a head-turning design. Their latest creation? The Balenciaga Pantashoes Biker, a pair of $10,800 leather leggings that come with built-in boots. Yes, you read that right, Pantashoes.

The Pantashoes Biker is crafted from black calfskin and features a slim, distressed look. The boots themselves have a chunky heel and are also made of leather. While designed to be worn together, the boots can be detached, offering a bit more versatility for your, well, very specific, wardrobe needs.

But the real question remains: are these Pantashoes Biker worth the eye-watering price tag? Here’s the breakdown:

Balenciaga Pantashoes Biker – Photo credit: Balenciaga


  • High-quality: Made from luxurious leather, these are undeniably well-crafted.
  • Unique: You definitely won’t see anyone else rocking the same look on the street.
  • Statement piece: Prepare for all eyes to be on you.


  • Price: Let’s be honest, $10,800 is a small fortune for a pair of pants, even designer ones.
  • Versatility: While the detachable boots offer some flexibility, the overall design is rather niche.
  • Practicality: How comfortable are these Pantashoes Biker really? Probably best left for short walks, not motorcycle rides.

So, are the Balenciaga Pantashoes Biker the ultimate fashion statement or a flamboyant misstep? Ultimately, the decision is yours. If you have the budget and crave a show-stopping piece, they might be worth considering. But for most people, the price tag and practicality might be dealbreakers.

What do you think of the Balenciaga Pantashoes Biker? Would you rock this daring look? Let us know in the comments below!

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