Small Harley Davidson reveal themselves in Chinese approval documents

Two Types Of QJ SRK350 and Benelli Leoncino 500

For almost four years now, Harley-Davidson has partnered with the Chinese company Qianjiang (owner of the QJ Motor and Benelli brands, among others) to develop small-displacement motorcycles to conquer the Asian markets.

However, the Motor Company has since changed direction and strategy and the one that was successively named 338R and HD350 is now seriously overdue. This expectation is now coming to an end as the brand has just obtained the approval to produce its HD350 and HD500.

The approval documents allow to confirm some information, but also to learn others such as the name of these two machines which appears on the photos published on the occasion. The commercial name of the “Baby Harley” will be X350 and X500.

Visually, we find what was drawn on the concept and glimpsed in the various patents with two roadsters with lines inspired by the world of flat track.

Technically, it’s far from being a revolution since almost everything is taken from models already produced by QJ Motor or Benelli. The X350 uses a 353 cc twin-cylinder engine found on the QJ SRK350, which is an evolution of the 300 cc engine of the Benelli 302S. The bike also uses the same chassis as these two models with a similar trellis frame, the same rims, wave discs and a similar inverted fork.

The 35 horsepower twin claims a top speed of 140 km/h and a kerb weight of 195 kg. A surprisingly high figure, especially compared to the QK SRK350 which is rated at 176 kg.

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Roadster Harley-Davidson X500
Photo credit: WM0

As far as the X500 is concerned, it’s even simpler since the model is similar to a Benelli Leoncino 500 in the Motor Company’s colors. It claims 47 horsepower, 160 km/h top speed and 207 kg in running order, like the Benelli.

The big question is whether Harley-Davidson will market these two models in Middle East and at what price, even if these models are officially limited to Asia.

We will know more very soon because the manufacturer will start presenting its 2023 vintage on January 18th and we invite you to join bi3bike News and subscribe to discover all the new models and without any doubt models that will celebrate the 120 years of the brand.

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