The CrossHelmet X1 is a next generation motorcycle helmet with sound controle and 360° visibility

The Japaneese Full Face Helmet will transform your riding experience

The blind spot is one of the big black spots when riding a motorized. This is why many brands have worked on the subject to try to find a solution, by integrating various technologies into the helmets. If Reevu was the first to imagine a helmet with an integrated mirror, Skully was the first who popularized the use of a rear-facing camera and a HUD to follow what’s going on behind a rider.

While adaptable head-up displays (HUD) focus on navigation, the Japanese brand CrossHelmet is preparing to launch its first full-face helmet with 360° vision on the market: the X1, or Cross One.

CrossHelmet X1 – Photo credit: Crosshelmet with wide-angle rear camera

We thus find the same concept with the installation of a small camera on the back of the helmet and a HUD allowing you to see the images on the front. But the Japanese helmet goes further and incorporates other complementary technologies for more comfort and above all connectivity.

The visibility also involves the addition of white LED strips on the sides to be better perceived by other users. The integral also uses a noise reduction system “the CrossSound Control” to reduce environmental sounds, adjustable to the rider’s needs. This system works through a touchpad located on the sides, just below the LEDs, for easy control of all audio.

CrossHelmet X1 – Photo credit: Crosshelmet – Touchpad and LED strip are placed on the sides

The Crosshelmet remains under the 1.8 kilo bar, which remains above the weight of the majority of modular models and nearly 500 grams more than good integrals.

CrossHelmet X1 – Photo credit: Crosshelmet – Original design

The CrossHelmet X1 finally saw its distribution postponed to the end of the year for an announced price of $1,799. It is also available at $ 1,599 through the fundraising campaign conducted on IndieGogo and which will allow “backers” to receive the model from August.

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Features CrossHelmet X1

Model name: X1-Cross One
Lexan polycarbonate shell
DOT, ECE and JIS approved
1.780 grams
HUD with 1280x720 resolution, 2500ppi
170° rear camera
Processor: Quad ARM Cortex A53, 1.2GHz
White LEDs on the sides
Noise reduction system
Audio Touch Control
Autonomy of 6 to 8 hours
GPS and Glonass geolocation
Bluetooth 4.1 connection

Source: Crosshelmet

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