Royal Enfield Himalayan Electric Concept

Indian Manufacturer Confirms Its Interest In Electric

For many years, Royal Enfield relied on simple and proven, if not aged, mechanics to power its mid-range motorcycles. However, with the changing standards in India (BSVI) and Europe (Euro5), the Chennai-based manufacturer was compelled to upgrade its iconic single-cylinder engines. Seizing this opportunity, the brand swiftly transitioned into the modern era, exemplified by its new Shotgun 650 Motoverse Edition. This model distinctly breaks away from the vintage image typically associated with the brand.

A few years ago, the Indian manufacturer admitted its interest in developing an electric platform. Last year, a prototype and some information began to surface in India. Subsequently, Eicher Motor, the group owning Royal Enfield, injected a substantial 55 million $ into the electric motocross manufacturer, Stark Future.

All these signs hint at the preparation of an electric motorcycle from Chennai, and indeed that was the case, but not necessarily in the way it was expected. Alongside the presentation and launch of its new Himalayan trail bike, Royal Enfield indeed introduced an electrically powered version of its trail bike.

However, the prototype, notably showcased at the EICMA show in Milan alongside the traditional model, remains just that—a prototype unlikely to enter production. While it does confirm the brand’s growing interest in this alternative propulsion method, the electric Himalayan is primarily part of a broader project.

Royal Enfield developed this prototype to test the feasibility of electric powertrains in conditions as extreme as those encountered in the Himalayas. The motorcycle was developed in just a few weeks, utilizing a battery housing serving as the bike’s frame, designed in the UK by Harris. The bodywork took a different approach, employing composite panels made from flax fibers.

Electric Prototype Royal Enfield Himalayan – Photo credit: Royal Enfield

For everything else, particularly the battery capacity or expected engine performance, Royal Enfield has refrained from releasing any information. While it’s evident that the manufacturer is heading towards electric, it certainly won’t be with this specific prototype.

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