2023 Ural Gear Up

Ural, a famous Russian sidecar manufacturer, was forced to leave its Irbit factory last summer because of the geopolitical context and the sanctions imposed on local production. As the majority of the brand’s sales are exported, it moved to Kazakhstan.

After this important change in the organization, the brand has lifted the veil on a new sidecar model for 2023 with the Gear Up.

The Gear Up is still powered by a 745cc overhead valve flat-twin, but many changes have been made to it, including an updated crankcase.

This 2023 version delivers 41 horsepower and 57 Nm of torque, with electronic fuel injection, a 4 speed gearbox and reverse gear as well as a gimbal transmission.

Sidecar Ural Gear Up – Photo credit: imz-ural

On the cycle side, we find an IMZ fork at the front carrying two Sachs hydraulic shock absorbers similar to the three elements at the rear of the bike and on the basket. These are adjustable on 7 levels of preload. The 19-inch spoked aluminum wheels are shod with Heidenau K37 tires. Finally, the braking is entrusted to Brembo with a 4-piston radial caliper and a 295 mm disc on the front, a 2-piston caliper and a 265 mm disc on the bike and a 2-piston caliper biting a 245 mm disc on the side.

Claiming to be 2,510 mm long and 1,615 mm wide, with a seat height of 812 mm and 170 mm of ground clearance, the Gear Up weighs 330 kg dry. The 19-liter tank promises between 250 and 300 km of autonomy. Ural also mentions a recommended maximum speed of 110 km/h for cruising.

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Sidecar Ural Gear Up – Photo credit: imz-ural

The sidecar is also equipped as standard with a spare wheel with package holder, LED headlights on the bumper, a jerry can, a folding shovel, a tool kit as well as floor protectors and an electrical outlet in the basket.

While deliveries should start next spring, the Ural Gear Up sidecar is announced to start at $22,000 in the United States. You’ll have to add a few more bucks for the two-wheel drive version that will also be offered. Pricing for other countries has not yet been announced.

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