An Update Of The Japanese Sports Bike

249 cc in-line twin, 42 hp, Showa adjustable suspensions, anti-dribble clutch

Previously quite present on the market, quarter-liter motorcycles have now almost completely disappeared from manufacturers. It has to be said that these engines, often single-cylinder, are too close to the 125s and are not favored by the regulations that require the possession of a motorcycle license, just as for the bigger bikes that are not always much more expensive.

While many have turned to larger displacements, that doesn’t stop some manufacturers from continuing to make progress in this segment, like Honda, which has just updated its sporty CBR250RR.

Launched in 2016, this model had then marked a real break with the previous CBR250R and CBR300R, which were equipped with a single-cylinder engine developing barely 30 horsepower by getting a 249cc inline twin.

The inline small block has been upgraded for 2023 and now delivers 42 horsepower thanks to an increased compression ratio and a new cylinder head. Another improvement is the addition of an anti-dribble clutch, while a shifter is now offered as an extra.

The Japanese manufacturer has also strengthened the chassis with the adoption of a new Showa inverted fork, while the bodywork has been completely redesigned with a larger fairing that gives it the impression of a larger displacement. LED lighting, digital speedometer, three riding modes, emergency brake alert and traction control complete the list of equipment.

Available in white or black, the Honda CBR250RR sells in Japan for the equivalent of 6,220 euros. A red HRC variant is offered from 6,500 euros. Like all the other 250s from the manufacturer, such as the new CL250, the CBR250RR is not expected to be available in Middle East.

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Honda CBR 250 RR 2023 in video

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