A Mid-Size Sports Motorcycle Inspired by the 1980s

The New Avenger Sportbike Hits the Market , Zeths ZFR 500 R Avenger Made In China

Zeths ZFR500R Avenger
Zeths ZFR500R Avenger – Photo credit: Zeths

A Mid-Size Sports Motorcycle Inspired by the 1980s

Zeths is one of those very young Chinese brands that are trying to make a place for themselves on the market. Created in 2016 in Shanghai, the brand is for now specialized in small-displacement customs with two Boger and Naja 250 powered by the same V-twin.

The company also seems to be moving towards larger capacity ranges. At the end of 2021, the company unveiled a 1,000 cc V-Twin prototype, an engine that is now ready. But it is in a completely different universe that it is once again making its mark in the West.

Some pictures coming from Zeths workshops have indeed leaked and reveal a road bike looking like a 1980’s sports bike with a very round full fairing and a double headlight.

Called the ZFR 500 R Avenger, the bike is quite different from the rest of the brand’s products, even if it is not original. Indeed, like almost all of its compatriots, Zeths intends to get into the medium displacement segment with a 500 cc in-line twin.

The chassis is also in line with the segment’s standards with its aluminum frame, inverted fork and rear shock. On the other hand, the brand goes overboard with its single swingarm and dual front brakes with 4-piston radial calipers. Although the fairing mentions the Brembo name, the calipers are not on the pictures.

Other pictures also show the use of a triple top tee, the possibility to adjust the front and rear suspensions or the installation of a large TFT meter.

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