An American Study Has Shown That Owners Of Android Smartphones Are Better Drivers/Riders, Regardless Of Age Or Level Of Training

An important distraction factor, the mobile phone is used by almost every drivers on the roads. While many studies focus on drivers’ behavior with their smartphones, an American company has taken an original approach by comparing drivers’ performance with their phones.

Jerry, a car insurance comparative in the United States, analyzed the driving of 20,000 drivers over two weeks, for a total of 13 million kilometers. Five aspects were scrutinized: braking, acceleration, cornering, speed compliance and distraction.

Each criterion gives rise to a rating and is translated into a global score. The results were compared according to the age of the drivers, the level of study and… the operating system of the smartphone.

The results are clear because, regardless of the criteria taken into account, the age chosen or the level of training, people with an Android smartphone always get a better driving score than those with an iOS phone. The overall score for each category reflects this observation well with 75 for Android users and 69 for iOS users.

Why such discrepancies? The study does not provide a direct answer to this question, but points to other studies highlighting the different personalities of these two classes. Users are indeed considered more pragmatic and quick to follow the rules where iPhone owners leave more room for their emotions.

Finally, if you want to improve your driving skills, rather than change your smartphone, you are advised to take part in a refresher course.

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