Quick tips to travel on motorcycle safe and cheap


  • Wild camp whenever possible
  • Opt for guest houses over hotels
  • Ask if you can sleep nearby houses – you’ll be surprised how kind people can be
  • Check phone apps like Maps.Me and iOverlander before booking hotels
  • Try alternatives like Couchsurfing

Banks, ATMs, Money and Exchanges

Know the exchange rate and how much you’re willing to spend on the exchange before entering negotiations

  • Carry small amount of USD cash
  • Ask your bank’s about exchange rates and foreign transaction charges
  • Shop around for the best credit/ debit card deal before you leave
  • Know where and how to withdraw cash
  • Never pay in your home currency

Destinations, Borders, Paperwork and Police

Some countries require motorcycle travellers to use a Carnet de Passage.

The Carnet de Passage en Douane (commonly known as Carnet or CDP) is :

An internationally-recognised customs document, which allows you to temporarily import your vehicle into a country without having to leave a cash deposit at the border.

It acts as an international guarantee to the country you’re entering, promising that your Carnet’s issuer will cover any taxes or duties owed if you don’t export your vehicle.

To get the Carnet in the first place, you have to leave a security deposit or guarantee (how much depends on the value of your bike and the countries you’re visiting) with the issuer.

To put it simply, if you don’t export and the country complains, your Carnet issuer will give them your security money to calm them down.

  • Consider how expesive the countries you are visiting are
  • What paperwork do you need to enter each country?
  • Know what to expect at each border beforehand
  • Ask what is allowed what is not
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Food and Water

Be prepared with your own emergency food

  • Be prepared with your own emergency food
  • Plan days for dining out
  • Cook for yourself whenever possible and carry the ingredients to make your own meals
  • Think to fill up your bottles whenever possible instead of buying it

Washing and Hygiene on the Road

  • Buy a shower bag if you’re in a region with no rivers instead of going to hotels to freshen up.
  • Look for a local laundry at hotels or guest service
  • Wash your own clothes

Motorcycle Repairs, Spares and Petrol

Motorcycle tools
  • Learn basic mechanics before leaving
  • Carry important spares with you and arrange a deal with a company back home
  • Avoid more expensive petrol on motorways

Motorcycle Shipping 

  • Speak to multiple agents for the best deal
  • Consider the port cost at your destination as well
  • Weigh up air and sea freight and account for all cost

Find Out The Top Travel Apps for Motorcycle Travellers

For hotels : Booking.com | iOverlander | Airbnb.com | Couchsurfing.com

For Maps: Maps.Me

For petrol prices around the world: Global Petrol Prices

For translation: Google Translate App

For currency: Currency Plus App

For amazing pictures: Snapseed App

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