An urban moped with removable battery for $4000

In response to the limited autonomy of electric two-wheelers, several manufacturers have chosen to turn to a system of replaceable batteries in order to be able to quickly exchange a flat battery for a charged element in a few seconds.

Kymco was one of the first to enter this niche by introducing its Ionex offering back in 2018. Already well established in Asia, the Korean manufacturer is starting to roll out its offer in France and is relying on two initial electric scooter models for this purpose with an Agility Carry EV intended for professionals and the i-One for individuals.

The Kymco i-One is an electric scooter with a very sober style that is above all practical and economical to use. Designed for cities, it is powered by a small 3600 W side-mounted electric motor limited to 45 km/h to comply with the regulations for mopeds.

Kymco I-One electric scooter – Photo credit: Kymco

This engine is powered by Kymco’s standard battery, a removable 1,743 Wh that provides up to 50 kilometers of autonomy in ECO mode. However, it is not yet possible to exchange the batteries at charging stations, as we will have to wait for them to be installed in the country. In the meantime, it is via a domestic socket that it is necessary to recharge its removable battery. The manufacturer also offers the possibility of acquiring a second battery, which can be placed under the seat, as an option.

On the technical side, the scooter built around a steel frame remains very compact with 1m80 long and 70 cm wide and a weight of 86 kg without the battery whose weight is not specified. Kymco assures that the rolling assembly remains under 100 kg.

i-One electric scooter LED tail light – Photo credit: Kymco

In terms of equipment, we find a full LED lighting, several driving modes, a digital meter with black background, a hook under the handlebars as well as a pocket and a USB port to recharge your smartphone.

It is possible to carry a second battery in the trunk

The Kymco I-One is now available from the brand’s dealers.

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