High-End Knee And Shin Protection

Preformed Construction, Double Pivot Joint, Removable Padding, CE Certified

Kenny Racing, a French equipment manufacturer specializing in off-road for more than four decades, continues to equip off-road riders and racers with its outfits, gloves, helmets, and protection systems.

If most motorcycle clothing for road use is PPE certified and includes integrated protections, this is not the case for cross-country clothing, which requires the acquisition of protections for the chest, arms and legs.

In its 2023 collection, Kenny intends to provide effective knee and shin protection without restricting freedom of movement with its Titanium knee pads.

Featuring a pre-shaped construction and asymmetrical design for optimal fit and comfort, these knee pads are best known for their dual-pivot articulation system that simplifies movement while maintaining consistent impact protection.

Held in place by three Velcro straps, the knee brace also features small ventilation openings on the upper knee and shin, as well as hypoallergenic and breathable padding that can be removed for easy maintenance. Of course, Titanium knee pads are CE certified according to EN1621-1:2012.

Kenny Titanium High Quality Off-Road Knee Pad – Photo credit: Kenny

Features Kenny Titanium Knee Pads

  • Knee and shin protection
  • Preformed construction and asymmetrical design
  • Double pivot joint system
  • Removable hypoallergenic and breathable padding
  • Ventilation openings
  • Triple velcro fastening
  • CE certified according to EN1621-1:2012

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