KTM 1390 SMT

The 190-Horsepower V-Twin for Supermoto Touring

An Extreme Variation Following the 890 SMT

In recent years, KTM has consistently introduced innovations, whether by unveiling new models, evolving existing machines, or even resurrecting forgotten names. This was the case last year with the 890 SMT, harnessing the power of the LC8c inline twin.

For 2024, alongside the widespread adoption of the new front headlight design across the Austrian manufacturer’s lineup, a key innovation lies in the increased capacity of the LC8 V-twin and the introduction of the 1390 Super Duke R.

Indeed, the manufacturer has been spotted and photographed during the development of a prototype hinting at the upcoming 1390 SMT, poised to complement the sport-touring range alongside the 1290 Super Duke GT and the 1290 Super Adventure S trail bike, whose displacement upgrade might be on the horizon.

While the SMT’s design differs, especially in the front headlight, it maintains the same overall profile, featuring a tall, 17-inch wheel-equipped machine with a sport-oriented chassis. The WP suspensions are configured semi-actively.

The tank fairing incorporates well-integrated aerodynamic elements. The tank itself appears to have an increased capacity compared to the 15.8 liters of the 890. Performance is expected to take a leap, as the 1390 V-Twin, capable of up to 190 horsepower, surpasses the 105 horsepower of the 890 SMT, assuming it is retained in this configuration.

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