BMW MotorradAutomated Shift Assistant (ASA)

The New Automated Shift Assistant

BMW Motorrrad new automated shift assistant

The popularity of automatic clutches is rising. Following Honda’s E-Clutch on the CB650R and CBR650R, and Yamaha’s patent filing, BMW Motorrad joins the trend with their innovative Automated Shift Assistant (ASA).

This technology enhances gear changes for riders by offering both manual and automatic options. Riders can choose between the familiar control of manual shifting or the convenience of automatic gear changes.

The ASA system works through two electromechanical actuators. These actuators automate clutch operation and gear selection for the six-speed transmission. This eliminates the need for a separate clutch lever, significantly simplifying maneuvers like starting, stopping, and low-speed riding.

The ASA operates using two electromechanical actuators – Photo credit : BMW Motorrad

The ASA offers different modes to suit your riding style. In Manual (M) mode, you control gear changes with the foot shifter, just like on a traditional motorcycle. In Drive (D) mode, the system takes over completely, allowing you to focus solely on accelerating and steering.

BMW Motorrad has minimized the jerky feeling often associated with gear changes, ensuring a smoother ride compared to a conventional clutch. Additionally, the ASA optimizes downshifts for minimal disruption.

Initially, the ASA will be available as an optional feature on the R 1300 GS boxer engine. It’s expected to be rolled out to other 1300 models in the future. Information on compatibility with other BMW motorcycles is yet to be announced.

The system is expected to arrive in the second half of the year, priced around $1,000.

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