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A few years ago, there were many projects of head-up display systems to allow motorcyclists to read information about their motorcycle or navigation directly from their helmet without having to take their eyes off the road.

In theory, the solution is ideal. It has been proposed by various brands in connected helmet projects or through adaptable HUDs (Head Up Dislay) such as Eyelights, Nuviz, Seemore and others. In practice, all these devices were not necessarily perfect, especially in terms of autonomy or fragility with more or less good reliability.

Aegis Rider is about to enter the motorcycle head-up display segment with a slightly different system. The initials of the Swiss brand form AR, as in Augmented Reality and it is precisely by integrating elements of augmented reality that the company hopes to make the experience more effective.

Here, the system not only displays fixed information in the field of vision, but also adds augmented reality effects that allow the information to be perceived more naturally. For example, the speedometer moves away or closer depending on whether the biker is braking or accelerating. But it is especially for the navigation that the system must allow a better readability by tracing the directions to follow directly on the road.

To make it possible, the HUD consists not only of a removable lens and display, but also a sensor and a computing unit positioned in the chin strap. A battery is located at the back of the helmet. The system is designed to be integrated into a road or sports helmet with a chin strap.

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The display is also customizable according to the biker’s tastes thanks to a dedicated application that also allows him to plan his navigation and record various data on his rides.

For the moment, the Aegis Rider head-up display is not yet available. But the brand intends to launch a first pilot production at the beginning of 2023 in order to carry out tests in real conditions with motorcyclists. It is possible to register to be a future test pilot, but the form is currently reserved for Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

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