A Stylized Preview Of the future 125 model through this concept

Evolution from 800 NK Concept to Production Model in One Year

CFMOTO has likely emerged as the Chinese manufacturer that successfully breaks away from the traditional image associated with Chinese productions. They achieve this by focusing on the development of premium motorcycles with a distinctive design, entrusted to the Kiska studio. Additionally, a strategic alliance with KTM enables them to utilize technologies like the LC8c twin-cylinder engine.

CFMOTO currently lacks a dedicated offering for young riders and those with a B license. Aside from the upcoming availability of their mini-motorcycles, the manufacturer currently does not have any 125cc models in its lineup.

However, this gap is set to be filled soon, as indicated by the introduction of the 125NK concept. This small-displacement roadster draws inspiration from the design of the NK-C22 concept, which has already resulted in the production of the 800NK and 450NK models.

CFMOTO 125 NK Concept – Photo credit: CFMOTO

While the distinctive NK family style, highlighted by the characteristic front headlight and the forward-leaning posture of the motorcycle, is immediately recognizable, it’s evident that this is a prototype based on the chosen technical solutions and equipment.

The single-sided swingarm, semi-solid wheels, SC-Project racing exhaust, and various carbon fiber elements contribute to an impressive visual appeal. However, it raises doubts about their retention in a production version, considering the need to balance aesthetics with a competitive price in a market already dominated by established premium brands. Nevertheless, history suggests that the production version of the 800 NK was relatively close to the prototype showcased at EICMA a few months earlier.

Roadster CFMOTO 125NK Concept – Photo credit: CFMOTO

Looking forward to unveiling the more practical version of the 125NK concept in the coming months.

The CFMOTO 125NK Concept in photos.

Roadster CFMOTO 125NK Concept – Photo credit: CFMOTO
Roadster CFMOTO 125NK Concept – Photo credit: CFMOTO
Roadster CFMOTO 125NK Concept – Photo credit: CFMOTO
Roadster CFMOTO 125NK Concept – Photo credit: CFMOTO

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